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Ana M. Silva, AKA Ivanna Silva, Radio and TV Personality

Ana M. Silva is also know in the entertainment industry as Ivanna Silva.  Her astrological sign is Pisces, born March 2.  She is an American University graduate majoring in Mass media communication and a profession model, radio broadcaster, television talent and a writer.  

She emerged in the early 21st Century as a very young girl with a defined talent and charisma that catapulted her into a Hollywood radio and TV personality in record time.  She conducted and created several radio and TV programs which she successfully controlled not only as a creator and on-air talent but as a producer and marketer.

Later, she decided to go independent, building her own company as Ivanna's World Productions, LLC and ceased working for the traditional media. She founded through an internet deal debuting in 2019 with a 24/7 programming of a variety of shows appealing to people of all ages. 

Ana Maria is believer of family values and traditions as the back bone of society, so inspired and motivated on her own family story, wrote a children’s tale with an excellent content including a little girl very descriptive of Ana Maria herself when a child and two characters named Hope, a celestial white dove and Bentley, a magnificent puppy which whom she embarked on a voyage around the world as a guiding light to achieve dreams, having all kinds of adventures in wonderful places and meeting people, nature, flora and fauna with graceful message, of tradition, values and faith.

Sobre La Autora

Ana Maria Silva conocida en el medio artistico come Ivanna Silva, nacio un 2 de Marzo, del signo Pisces. Ivanna es una professional lucutora de radio, television, modelaje y ahora como escritora. 

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